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New member here...

Well, I love horror movies, though I haven't seen many of them. However, of the ones I've seen, I love The Exorcist the most. It didn't scare me, but, being Christian, it made me think about what the Church really believes in. It made me think, "Wow, this can really happen... the Devil can really possess a mortal..." That fact really scared me more than the movie itself. Sure, after seeing the extra features on "The Version You've Never Seen", I realized that the special effects were truly... cheesy, but then again, it was the 70's. Just think what this new Exorcist movie is going to be like! It's going to be INSANE with all the technilogical advances this world has gone through since the 70's, whenever it was made.

Anyways, hope to get some new friends in this community! <3, Cate.
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