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exorcist_fans's Journal

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Captain Howdy Loves Reagan
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This is a dwelling where the dark at heart come to lurk...Where all the demons, ghosts, ghouls, vamps, werewolves and the undead come to find sanctuary...If you are any of those or of course from the darkside of the web, come on in join us....WE ARE WAITING....

Here we can talk about any kind of horror related movies. Doesn't necessarily have to affiliate with the exorcist. So have fun.....

This community is maintained by: zombieslave

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666, 976-evil, alien, american werewolf in london, amityville horror, army of darkness, basket case, blade runner, blair witch project, candyman, cannibal ferrox, carnival of souls, cenobytes, children of the corn, childs play, chud, communion, convent, creepshow, creepshow 2, critters, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dead, dead hate the living, deep red, demons, devils rain, disturbing behavior, donnie darko, dracula, elvira, entity, evil dead, evil dead 2, exorcist, exorcist 3, frankenstein, friday the 13th, from hell, funhouse, ghost story, ghosts, ghoulies, ghouls, gothic, graveyard shift, gremlins, halloween, hannibal, hauntings, hellraiser, horror, house, house of 1000 corpses, house on haunted hill, interview with a vampire, it, its alive, jacobs ladder, jeepers creepers, lost highway, magic, memento, micheal myers, mimic, monkey shines, near dark, night breed, night of the demons, nightmare on elm street, nosferatu, once bitten, people under the stairs, plan 9 from outerspace, poltergeist, prophecy, psycho, pumpkinhead, queen of the damned, red dragon, resident evil, rocky horror picture show, rosemarys baby, salem's lot, satan, silence of the lambs, sixth sense, sleepy hollow, stigmata, stir of echoes, strangeland, subspecies, suspiria, tales from the crypt, tales from the darkside, texas chainsaw massacre, the birds, the blob, the craft, the crow, the fog, the grave, the haunting, the howling, the mangler, the omen, the others, the shining, the unholy, thirteen ghosts, u-turn, vampires, village of the damned, warlock, werewolves, white zombie, wishmaster, witches, zombies

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